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From our concept and design department all the way to the production floor, our team takes pride in each product that ships out the door. Made from the finest quality materials and the painstaking craftsmanship of our American tradesmen. You can count on a long lasting purpose built product with the customer service you expect from a top tier company.



About DCS Manufacturing

(14 years, 2 recessions and one Covid 19 year later! Nothing can stop DCS as “Failure is not an option”)


DCS Manufacturing is a top metal fabricator serving a diverse customer base. We perform metal fabrication, custom gates and fences, design work, on-site installations, HOA refurbishments, and more. The quality and consistency of our work is the foundation of our business.

The company was founded on the eve of the worst American financial crisis since the Great Depression. Our belief that quality and attention to detail would trump the lack of economic opportunity held true. We have built a solid reputation for hard work, quality, and complete service to our varied customer base. 

Fourteen years later we have diversified the business from contract manufacturing to in house designed and manufactured commercial products. We now offer turn key production for companies that outsource manufacturing, or new start-ups. Increase profits by having our team set up your production in house! 

With the need for domestic manufacturing rising coupled with major quality – logistic issues of over sea  or outsourced production; we have been able to provide an economical solution to our customers. We can provide your company the opportunity to grow and thrive by delivering consistent quality, value and profits via in-house production. 

Our service area includes Oviedo, Orlando, and throughout the Central Florida area. 

Complete Design, Fabrication, and Installation Service

We perform a turnkey process in metal fabrication. We design, fabricate in our shop, and then perform on-site installation. So we have a complete process for the custom projects that we perform.

We can handle the entire process, making it easy for our customers to source the project. We work with the client to complete the precise design required. We then perform the welding and fabrication in our shop. Next, it’s out to the field where our site installation team will flawlessly install. And the job is never done until it’s 100% right and accepted by the customer.

So we make the process very easy, and our design team starts the process to ensure we are building and installing exactly what the client needs. And we provide customization as needed to meet the project requirements.

Custom Gates With Artistic Uniqueness & Design

We also design and build custom gates in Oviedo, Central Florida, and coastal towns. Our custom gates are durable, resilient, and possess a unique, artistic design that adds character to any property they surround. Click to see our custom gates service area. We build these custom gates from the highest quality materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and even titanium.

To learn more about our metal fabrication services, custom gates, design, HOA refurbishments, and more, contact us or request a free quote. We work closely with our clients to ensure a 100% successful project, and our goal it to always build long-term relationships.

-David Swearingen

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