Benefits of Using Titanium in Manufacturing

Benefits of TitaniumThere are many benefits to using titanium in manufacturing. It is a more expensive metal to use, but depending on the application, it might be well worth the additional expense. At DCS Manufacturing, we use titanium in our manufacturing process on a consistent basis, and our client base appreciates the quality and durability of titanium.

Benefits of Titanium

The first important benefit of titanium is a powerful resistance to corrosion. This means durability and longevity for the end user. Once titanium is exposed to air, the surface oxidizes which creates a powerful barrier against the elements. This results in a great outdoor application for titanium, especially for a harsh environment like a marine application.

Another benefit of using titanium in manufacturing is that it has very low expansion properties. This is ideal in many applications, as titanium’s coefficient of thermal expansion is much lower than many other metals you might see in a manufacturing shop. This means more structural durability than steel, for example.

This also means, depending on the application, that the material will not expand or displace much during weather extremes. This is an important factor, as some applications do not have the latitude for expansion.

Great Strength Properties

Titanium also has great strength properties. The strength of this metal is in the range of steel, but yet is much lighter. This is a great combination for many products, such as gates for example. At DCS Manufacturing, we manufacture gates from titanium! They are very strong, yet lighter than steel.

Another unique attribute of titanium is that it is non-toxic to humans and animals. As we live in a world that seems to get more toxic by the day, this is an attractive quality in titanium. Whereas steel and aluminum can be toxic materials to humans, titanium is bio-compatible.

This is why you’ve likely heard of a titanium rod to strengthen someone’s shattered arm or leg! This gives you a sense of just how benign this metal actually is, as it can be inserted in the human body with no ill effect.

And one of the most important features of titanium for DCS Manufacturing is that it is a ductile and somewhat soft metal. So it is ideal for intricate and complex manufacturing applications and manufacturing.

At DCS Manufacturing, we build beautiful titanium gates for our clients, and they are very durable and look fantastic. They are also strong and resilient to the occasionally harsh Florida weather, and offer great versatility in design and customization.

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