What to Look for in a CNC Machine Shop

CNC Machining in Orlando FLIf you are looking for a CNC machine shop to provide your machining and fabrication needs, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. This is an important decision, as budget and quality are always in competition and both are very important.

Proven Experience is Paramount

First, it’s best to select a machine shop with proven experience. There are a lot of factors that go into a successful machine shop, so it’s important to choose a shop that offers proven results in the niche they service. It’s best not to risk your project with a CNC machine shop that lacks experience or a history of results.

Quality is King

The next important consideration is the shops quality processes and checks. Many shops do not have important quality checks in place, and this can result in defective products and applications. So you want to make sure that the shop you are considering has thorough and proven quality procedures in place at every step of the manufacturing process. This ensures each project is built in accordance with the specifications, as well as the blueprints used on the production floor.

Another important consideration will always be budget. Many shops run with bloated overheads that result in higher prices. And many of the shops will sell customers on the importance of heavy overhead and unnecessary layers of control.

Efficient Manufacturing

CNC Machine Shop Oviedo FLHowever, there are equally qualified CNC machine shops that run lean and offer a very personalized service to each customer. At DCS Manufacturing, we have thorough quality processes in place on every project, yet run an efficient operation enabling us to offer fair prices in the market. 

We have always ensured that our clients are getting the very best combination of quality and value for the products and services that we offer. We are not the cheapest shop in the are as we do put a premium on quality, commitment, and service.

Honoring Project Commitments

Finally, a commitment on the original project quote and delivering on this commitment. At DCS Manufacturing, we take our commitments very seriously, and know that a committed delivery date is very important to our customers’ schedule.

So we manage our backlog to ensure our schedules are met in a timely manner, and we keep our customers apprised of our progress throughout the schedule. Our customers know that our commitments matter, and we will deliver on our commitments in every project that we quote.

To learn more about DCS Manufacturing and our CNC machining capabilities, please contact us at (407) 928-0918. Or contact us for an estimate on your next project.