Custom Gates in Cocoa Beach

At DSC Manufacturing, we make custom gates in Cocoa Beach for residential homes, businesses, municipalities, and industries from the highest quality materials. One of our trademark materials for our beautiful custom gates is titanium. These gates stand out in any neighborhood.

We also make custom gates from aluminum and stainless steel materials. We source our materials from reliable and certified suppliers to ensure quality consistency and compliance.

The best part is that the materials are perfect for the Cocoa Beach environment since they are corrosion resistant. So, we guarantee long-lasting and durable gates as we go the extra mile to enhance the material’s resistance property through processes such as oxidation.

We offer moreā€¦

High-Quality Fabrication Process

The materials undergo supervised cutting, bending, and assembling during the fabrication process to ensure each piece adheres to the client’s specifications. Quality control and inspections are always in check because compromising quality is never an option.

Excellent Installation Services

We have a competent installation team that works tirelessly to ensure they professionally leave your gate firmly standing in its rightful position. Our turnkey process for complete packages (design, manufacture, install) will ensure the highest-quality final product. Our gates in Cocoa Beach make a statement, and add value and elegance to your property. They’ll enhance the character and curb appeal.

Beautifully Customized Designs

If you love originality, so do we. We are ready to deliver your Cocoa Beach gate just like you want it. Do you want your gate with customized poles and pole toppers to give your property a beautiful appeal? We have many options to choose from. Or are you in for a remote-controlled entry? We also have a variety of options just for you, but we can also customize your choices to your liking.

Aesthetics at Its Best

The craftsmanship at DSC Manufacturing is next level. Our craftsmen and welders are talented and tops in the industry, and every piece their hands touch displays a sense of beauty, elegance, and class. For 14 years, we have consistently defined beauty with each piece, leaving customers 100% satisfied and happy. What is unique about DSC is that we work as a team to ensure you have a great addition to your home.

Gate Prices (installed)