Custom Gates in Indian River

If you live in Indian River County, you must be enjoying the 26 miles of public beaches and breathtaking scenery. As such, you probably would want your home to look and feel as beautiful as your coastal town. DCS Manufacturing is here to give your home a touch of uniqueness and class through custom gates in Indian River.

Having been in the industry for so long, we have mastered delivering nothing short of our customer’s expectations. We never go for cookie-cutter gates but believe in originality and uniqueness. Our gates exude character, quality, and artistic uniqueness. They stand tall above the stock gates that you see in most neighborhoods.

Here is what we have in store for you.

Breathtaking Aesthetics

If you want a gate that complements your home’s charm, our custom-made gates are the ideal choice for you. We design and manufacture your custom gate to suit the architectural elements of your home. Our designers know which design complements well with a modern or vintage home; however, we offer you options and leave you to decide the most suitable.

Besides, our gates are carefully crafted using aerospace alloy materials to give them a beautiful and elegant finish.

High-Quality Material

At DCS Manufacturing, we have set our standards up high and maintained them for the last 14 years. We ensure our materials are of high quality and are FDA approved. Some of our best materials include aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. 

The materials are corrosion resistant and durable for decades, especially in high humid levels and salty water environments such as in the Indian River. They’ll also withstand hurricane force winds, and stand strong after the storm has passed. 

Non-Compromised Fabrication Process

DCS Manufacturing gives 100% when it comes to the fabrication process because meeting your expectations is our utmost priority. We have well-thought-out quality control procedures and inspection policies to ensure that we adhere to your specifications. We also have the top welders in the market, and this welding expertise is an artistry that cannot be taught. It’s only acquired through decades of experience.

Flexible Designs

DCS allows you to have a custom gate that you envisioned for your home. We will enable you to have control of the design process as we follow your lead. Whether you want a geometric design, bent tubing, or CNC cut artwork, Just say the word, and we will impress you with our craftsmanship. Do you want an automatic gate with customized pole options and pole toppers? No one can beat us in the game.

A Complete Package

We design, manufacture, and install our custom gates. Our installation techniques eliminate any sagging incidences in the future. We are professionals and know what to do to ensure your gate fits perfectly and remains firmly standing for years to come.

Gate Prices (installed)