Custom Gates in Rockledge

DSC Manufacturing is a custom gate manufacturing company that manufactures custom gates with artistic design and unique customization. For over 14 years, we have served homeowners and businesses in Rockledge with our custom gates.

We have stayed on top of the game because our customers come first, and we strive to ensure that we exceed their expectations.

Here is what our process looks like…

We Offer Artistic Designs, Fabrication, and On-site Installation

Quality Is Our Top Priority

We never compromise when it comes to quality. That is why we source our materials from certified suppliers. Each of our materials undergoes inspection to ensure it’s top quality.

Our gates are mainly fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium alloys, some of the best materials that produce durable gates. These materials are tailor made for the salty and corrosive air in Rockledge because they are corrosion resistant. We do not stop there. Some of our materials undergo the ionization process to enhance their resistance property.

Our custom gates in Rockledge, FL are built with exceptional strength and durability. They will maintain their aesthetic look, withstand hurricane winds, and maintain top condition for many decades.

We Produce Custom Designs

Our gates are uniquely and artistically designed, and fully customizable. We give each product a personalized touch according to our customer’s tastes and preferences. Our designers and craftsmen work closely with the client to ensure they capture even the rights details as to how their gates should look.

¬†Additionally, we offer customization with poles and pole toppers for a truly unique look. We also have remote-controlled entry options that we customize according to our customer’s preferences.

Our Products Undergo a High-Quality Fabrication Process

Our metal bending, cutting, and assembling undergo a highly supervised process as per our quality control processes. A competent team oversees each process to ensure customer specifications are adhered to and only quality materials are used during production.

We Produce Aesthetic Custom Gates

Our products have a beautiful, artistic looks, and a long life span due to the carefully selected alloy materials and experienced fabricators. Additionally, our talented craftsmen make each piece and bring out each detail beautifully.

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