Titusville Custom Gates

Are you looking for decorative, custom gates for your residential home, business, or government entity in Titusville? DSC Manufacturing produces custom gates built to withstand the harsh coastal conditions in Titusville and surrounding areas. 

We take pride in the dedication, hard work, and commitment our team puts into designing, manufacturing, and installing each customization on our gates. For more than 14 years, we have served the people of Titusville and Central Florida with custom, decorative gates.

Our Process for Custom, Decorative Gates in Titusville

The following outlines our process of custom gates in Titusville, FL:

We Produce High-Quality Aesthetic Gates

Every gate that we manufacture becomes a unique, decorative piece of resilient art. Their beauty ushers guests into your property, and the character and aesthetics of our gates stand out. Our team of craftsmen have the skills, talent, and zeal to deliver and exceed your expectations.

It starts with the design process where we customize the decorative look that matches your home or business. Our gate designs are not stock gates that you see in most neighborhoods or businesses. They are highly unique and have a look that conveys quality and customization.

We Use High-Quality Materials

Quality has never been a second option at DSC Manufacturing. We vet and certify the materials entering our warehouse to ensure they’re of high quality according to the highest industry standards. 

We manufacture custom gates using the following materials: 

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

These materials are very durable and resilient. This makes the gate strong, durable, as well as uniquely attractive. The three materials are corrosion resistant, making them ideal for the coastal environment in Titusville. They will likely outlive the life of your home! As well as withstand hurricane force winds which are part of living in a beautiful coastal town like Titusville.

We Produce Flexible Designs

Everything we do at DSC Manufacturing is customer-centered. Our customers are always in charge of the height, design, size, materials, or shape of the gates. They are a clear cut above the stock gates you see in most neighborhoods.

Although we have dozens of beautifully crafted designs in our gallery, we accommodate our customer’s needs by customizing any piece according to their preference. 

We also have different options of remote-entry gates that we customize according to our customer’s liking. We will deliver if you also want customized poles and pole toppers to give attention to detail.  

High-Quality Fabrication Process

A lot of our efforts go into the fabrication process in our shop. We strive to ensure we meet your specifications through the quality control procedures and inspections. From metal bending, cutting, and assembling, our team ensures everything is done to the last detail. 

On-Site Installation

The last step in the process is on-site installation of our Titusville custom gates. Our process is seamless and efficient, and we’ll make sure it’s in perfect working order before the job is done at your home or business.

Our installation expertise is one of ways that DCS Manufacturing separates itself. Our custom installers will make sure every aspect of the process is done to perfection.

We Offer a Complete Package

At DSC Manufacturing, we design, manufacture, and install custom gates, unlike other gate manufacturers. We understand how challenging it is to find a reliable and competent installer. That is why we never leave anything to chance. Our in-house installation team is well skilled in installing all types of gates.

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