Custom Fences

At DCS Manufacturing, we design, build, and install custom fences and enclosures. These fences and enclosures provide a beautiful and elegant look for your residence or business. They are top quality, durable, and built to last the life of your home and then some.

The best part about our custom fences is just that, they are fully customizable. Most fence companies have stock fences and you select from a few limited options. 

With our custom modern fencing enclosures, we design the fences according to your preference. And there is no limit to the customization options.

Some of the customization options are as follows:

  • Height
  • Color
  • Materials
  • Rails
  • Posts
  • Rail spacing
  • Post spacing
  • Post caps
  • Latches

Custom Fences by DCS Manufacturing




Residential and Commercial Fence Applications

These custom modern fences have many applications for your home or business. They are ideal for doggy enclosures, horse enclosures, livestock enclosures, pet enclosures, and more.

For many people, a stock fence that is a commodity is not good enough to meet their vision. They are looking for something unique, rich in character, and great visual appeal. These the people we call clients! And our modern custom fences are just what they are looking for to add that character that matches their home or other structure.

We design build and install custom modern fences for both residences and businesses. Once you decide on your vision, you can meet with our design team and outline all of the design options that you have in mind. The only limitation is your imagination!

Our fences are a different level of quality and aesthetics from the stock fences that you see in many neighborhoods. They align with the character and visual appeal of the home or structure that they connect with.

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