Gates by DCS!

We specialize in high-end aluminum, stainless steel and yes, actual titanium gates! These are crafted using aerospace alloy materials for a long lasting, beautiful and unique ingress and egress. If you are at the beach where corrosion is a problem or a humid environment such as Florida, or maybe a dairy or food processing plant you need a gate by DCS! All gates are made to customer specs and can include bent tubing, CNC cut art work, geometric designs, or the sky is the limit.

Gate Prices (installed)

Our Custom Gates in Oviedo, Orlando, and Central Florida

Our standard gates are made from 6061 and or 6063 aluminum alloys in combination with 5052 aluminum for any bent parts. These gates outlast steel in humid environments and can be anodized in a few colors if corrosion is a factor. Aluminum Driveway gates start at $12,000 and up installed.

The specialty service gates are made from FDA approved stainless steel alloys. We have made gates and doorways for places such as dairy farms, fishing vessels and clean rooms. If you are in a special lab environment or food service, we can make you an aesthetically pleasing gate from aerospace alloy stainless steels. 

Options include tubing in round or square and some embossed materials are available! Stainless steel Driveway gates start at $20,000 and up installed.

DCS Manufacturing offers a very unique type of gate and or doorway. If you are working with corrosive chemicals, salt water or sea environments or just want to show off your amazing property with something VERY few people have then this is it! 

Highest Quality Gates and Craftsmanship

Made from a wide variety of Titanium depending on the requirements. All work is hand-T.I.G. welded to aerospace and or nuclear specifications. The highest quality in the market. 

These gates will be around for generations to come as titanium especially grade 2 is impervious to most chemicals, dissimilar metal corrosion, salts and acids. Titanium driveway Gates start at $40,000 and up installed.

And our process is a complete, “turnkey” process. We design, fabricate, and install these artistic gates. So we provide a comprehensive plan to provide our customers a complete solution. All they need is an idea of what they are looking for with their artistic vision, and we take care of the rest.

Our Service Area for Custom Gates

We have a wide service area for our custom gates. Our design, fabricate, and install custom gate services are performed in Oviedo, Orlando, Lake Mary, Winter Park, and all of Central Florida. Click to see our service area for custom gates. And for our pet lovers, we also have endearing and adorable doggy gates! These will steal your heart, and give your furry friend their own special place.

Contact DCS Manufacturing for a free quote, or contact us to inquire about our quality process and the materials that we use.

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