Mailbox Refurbishment for HOA's

At DCS Manufacturing, we perform mailbox refurbishments for Homeowners’ Associations (HOA’s). A complete refurbishment of mailboxes in a community can give the entire community a makeover. It raises the curb appeal of the neighborhood, and the residents are always amazed at the difference it makes.

We work with HOA’s directly and perform custom mailbox restorations according to each community’s needs. Our specialty is working with medium to high-end communities that have elegant, custom mailboxes. Most times the mailboxes have not been renovated or upgraded in years. After our custom refurbishments of mailboxes, it looks like a completely different community.

We have a custom metal shop in Central Florida, and we perform all work in a clean and controlled environment. Trying to perform work on site with touch-up and quick repairs does not allow for the same level of quality. Our refurbishments are built to last, and the quality difference is very noticeable. 

Cosmetic and Structural Mailbox Refurbishment

Our repairs are both cosmetic and structural. We will repair any structural problems as part of the mailbox refurbishment. We often times find damage that occurs through wear, tear, bumps, and bruises. We restore these weathered mailboxes to a shiny new looks that makes the residents proud. 

Progression of a Mailbox Refurbishment

Mailbox Refurbishment




HOA's Mailbox Refurishment




Elements in Florida Are Hard on Mailboxes

Florida is one of the best states to live in if you enjoy warm weather and hot, sunny days. But that same weather can have an adverse effect on mailboxes. Couple that with salty air along the coastal regions, and now you’ve really got a corrosive environment. The protective coatings that we install are both durable and lasting. 

Many associations opt for new mailboxes to give their community an uplift. However, there is a much more affordable solution to restore your neighborhood’s mailboxes. At DCS Manufacturing, we perform the following repairs to make a mailbox look new:

  • Scratches
  • Color fading
  • Chalky appearance
  • Structural breaks or defects
  • Base repairs
  • Topper repairs
  • Mailbox rebuilds
  • Bent metal
  • Address number replacement
  • Toppers
Orlando Mailbox Repairs
Orlando Mailbox Refurbishment

Turnkey Mailbox Refurbishment

At DCS Manufacturing, we offer a turnkey solution to our HOA partners. We take care of every aspect of the process. This includes on-site assembly and installation of the mailboxes once repairs are completed. 
Contact us today at (407) 928-0918 to learn more about our mailbox restoration in Central Florida. We also perform street light refurbishments which also can transform a community’s overall appearance.