Street Light Refurbishments

At DCS Manufacturing, we perform street light refurbishment projects for HOA’s throughout the Central Florida area. We have a complete manufacturing shop where we perform all required repairs, and also do on site work in neighborhoods and communities throughout Central Florida to repair and refurbish street lights.

Damaged Street Lights and Community Morale

When street lights start to degrade over time as they naturally will, it can heavily impact the overall look of a neighborhood. When street lights look worn, damaged, and in general disrepair, it’s one of the first things that residents and guests alike notice in a neighborhood.

It sends a message of low value and poor management immediately. However, at DCS Manufacturing we work closely with our community partners to ensure these important infrastructure items are repaired to the highest quality.

Another important consideration for a homeowners’ association to consider is the safety impact of street lights have that are in disrepair. There is always looming liability when infrastructure is neglected and ignored.

Durability and Quality for Many Years

We will not only improve the aesthetics of your neighborhood street lights, but our repairs are built to last for many years. We ensure all safety considerations are strictly implemented. And we are locally owned and operated and work closely with HOA directors to ensure a positive and successful outcome on these projects.

We also do a lot of design work in our projects, so it’s not always stock looks and cookie cutter appeal. This turns off many associations. We can customize your project so it fits the character and visual appeal of your neighborhood.

And we know schedule is always a consideration, and whatever we commit to we will deliver on so your residents are getting full value for their infrastructure budget.

Call DCS Manufacturing today and we can schedule a free consultation with your neighborhood leadership or HOA directors to outline successful refurbishment ideas to vastly improve your neighborhood’s curb appeal and quality of life. We also perform mailbox refurbishments which is a gamechanger for any neighborhood, and is always cheaper than buying new mailboxes!