Street Sign Refurbishment

Sign Repair OrlandoStreet sign refurbishment is an important process for Homeowners’ Associations in Florida. Many HOA’s assume that street sign repair and street sign refurbishment is not a viable option for their community.

As a result, many HOA’s spend tens of thousands of dollars purchasing new street signs in their community, and in many cases it is totally unnecessary.

At DCS Manufacturing, one of our primary services in supporting HOA work is street sign refurbishment. We can take old and dilapidated street signs, and make them look like brand new.

Street Sign Refurbishment Cost

And we can do this at a fraction of the cost of new signs. We have helped countless associations and communities with the process of upgrading and refurbishing street signs. And in most cases, the refurbished signs look like brand new. The only difference is the thousands and thousands of dollars that were spent on the HOA budget.

At DCS Manufacturing, we have a complete shop with all of the metal fabrication capabilities required for even complex signs. We also perform the field installation to ensure each sign is in the right location, and stronger and more secure than when we started the project.

Last year, DCS Manufacturing saved a community and HOA in north Orlando more that $750,000 by refurbishing their street signs, as opposed to purchasing new ones. This is a giant savings to their budget, allowing for other investment in their community and infrastructure.

Quality Metal Fabrication and Assembly

Repairing Street SignOur team of experienced metal fabricators and field installers will ensure the quality is equal to a brand new sign and new installation. That is our goal in serving our HOA partners, to ensure the community is 100% satisfied with the final product.

Our shop has a full array of equipment for any HOA refurbishment project. So from metal bending and cutting, to metal fabrication and repairs, to the protective coatings after, we have each phase of the process dialed in with an experienced team.

We will come to your community and meet with the association officers to cover the scope of work, and provide a free estimate for all of the work involved. We also performed street light refurbishment, as well as mailbox refurbishment. The combined work can make a community look like brand new.

So call DCS Manufacturing today and request a proposal for your street sign refurbishment project. Our work is 100% guaranteed, and we work closely with our association partners to achieve high-quality street signs that will last for decades. And we do all of that at a budget that saves tens of thousands of dollars for your community.

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