What Is a Custom Fabricator?

Custom Fabrication in Orlando FLA custom fabricator is a metal company that creates parts and weldments usually from metal, but other materials as well. The quality of the fabricated part is critical, and there is a lot of variation between the quality of shops.

The functions involved in a fabrication shop generally include cutting, welding, and painting the metal parts. There has been great progress made in the past several decades to improve the efficiencies of these operations. Technology has been a game changer in all of manufacturing, and metal fabrication is no exception.

Technology Is Changing the Landscape

Cutting and fabricating the metal has become quite automated, and CNC machines have vastly improved production efficiencies. This has resulted in only improved quality, but also improved schedules as turnaround time and throughput is faster and more efficient.

The first step in the process is to cut the metal to the correct shape and size. This used to be done in a generally manual process, but now through innovation and technology, this can be done quickly and efficiently. You can program machines to cut material in a completely automated process, with very little chance for error.

Fabrication and welding of the metal is next, and this work is performed by skilled and certified welders who read from blueprints to ensure the specifications are followed. Certified welders is a highly specialized trade, and a good welder is much like an artist. And the aesthetics of the weld itself is also important, as a sloppy looking weld bead is a clear indicator of low quality.

Product Finishing

Once the cutting of the metal is complete and the welding is complete in accordance with the blueprints and the specifications, then it is time for painting and finishing. This is a critical part of the process, for not only does it provide a nice aesthetic look, it’s also key to protecting metal itself from the elements.

Much like cutting and welding, the painting is also determined by the specifications and end use of the product. Fabrication shops that have quality procedures in place ensure that the end product is exactly what the user is looking for.

Strict Specifications Depending on the Application

Quality Control Fabrication

Some uses for these fabricated parts have very strict specifications if they involve safety of any kind. And other uses for fabricated parts do not require the same level of quality and safety, but will always have minimum quality standards. 

For this reason, it’s critical to ensure a custom welding and fabrication shop has strong quality control processes and standard in place. 

At DCS Manufacturing, we have been performing custom fabrication for many years, and built our reputation on the quality of our work and commitment to our client base. 

We have a talented team of metal workers and fabricators to ensure each project is completed according to the specifications, as well as a good visual product. 

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For all of your fabrication needs, call DCS Manufacturing at (407) 928-0918. We service Oviedo, Orlando, Lake Mary, Longwood, and all of Central Florida.